The Bay Area Theater Accountability Workgroup is a weekly working group of this region’s theater leaders, organized as a response to the current movement for racial justice. We intend this to be a space where we can commit to the difficult, complex, and constructive conversations around Black liberation, Indigenization, equity, justice, and accountability; unpacking how racism impacts our art, our artists, our organizations, and our community.

The evolving intention of this year-long gathering is to strengthen relationships between us, in order to build true community, so that we may learn together and hold each other accountable in transforming practices within and between our organizations. We see this as an opportunity to be both a resource to each other and a collective committed to meaningful and lasting change in our community and in the industry.

This workgroup is collectively hosted by our Seed Team, a group of approximately 13 BIPOC and White community leaders volunteering their time to shape the initiative.